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Bunny Shooter Christmas Review: Android, iOS

Bunny Shooter Christmas Review

Drive Away Some Pesky Rabbits in Bunny Shooter Holidays

Forget about birds, pink bunnies are taking over the world! These long-eared cartoon creatures may look harmless enough but they're not beyond taunting you to see if you can figure out which angle to shoot your bow. Although your goal is simple, the obstacles make each level oh so tricky. Featuring 30 levels of bunny shooting goodness, this game will have you scrambling to get the perfect shot for hours on end. If you're a geek at heart, you may also enjoy using custom skins that turn your weapon from blah to "hurrah". So grab your Rambow and get ready to aim at some pink bunnies in Bunny Shooter Holidays.

Trick Shots are Truly Tricky

If you hate lengthy tutorials, then you're in luck. Bunny Shooter Holidays lets you dive straight to the action. The first level introduces you to the concept of shooting a bow. As they say, show, don't tell; you won't get past the first level by shooting blind. Tap and hold to aim and then drag across screen before lifting your finger to watch the arrows fly. Remember that you have limited shots per stage so you might want to keep an eye on the upper left portion of the screen. There, the number of arrow icons represent how many more shots you can take before it's game over. Don't think you can finish the stage? Press the restart button to try again. Don't worry, there's no time to the number of retries you can take.

As it is a strategy shooting title, angles play a huge role in Bunny Shooter Holidays. With tricky shots to take, it's a good thing that you can see the trajectory of your previous shot. Broken lines depict the route it took so you can learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly.

Bunny Shooter Christmas: Balloons and Bombs

Balloons and Bombs in Perfect Harmony

What makes shooting the pink bunnies challenging are the number of obstacles you'll need to deal with per stage. Thing is, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly. It starts out with a single bowling ball dangling from some rope, then anvils get introduced and so on. There are pros and cons to this. For the latter, the combos might be a tad too complicated for young player. Because you can get stuck on a level, casual players can get frustrated with the system as well. Even if you can guess how to reach every bunny in a stage, there is a learning curve to using the virtual bow. You might not be able to perform the shots exactly as you want to, but that's all right. The good news is that there is no one kind of solution for each stage. You can either use stage elements as they were obviously intended or get creative

For instance, anvils can either flatten pink bunnies or you can use them to bounce off arrows to get to hard to reach places. Shooting balloons to trigger traps may work for you or, if that doesn't work, you might be better off targeting the bunnies directly. If you are a completionist and want to get a perfect rating at the end, then combos are your best friend. Taking a good look at the stage layout to figure out what can save you turns always pays off.

Fear the Finger of Doom

Because Bunny Shooter Holidays is a free-to-play game, you can expect ads to be ever present on your screen. Although it's always possible for these to be pressed accidentally, they're not obtrusive at all and are neatly tucked away at the bottom. In case you're still having a hard time with them around, making any in-app purchase will disable them and give you the full, ad-free experience.

Are you more of a non-pay player? The premium content isn't required to enjoy the game. If you tend to get stuck, for instance, you could go for some uses for the Finger of Doom as these allow you to target specific bunnies to get you past whatever stage you're on. Otherwise, you can just keep trying to finish the level and proceed to the next one without opening your wallet.

In a nutshell, Bunny Shooter Holidays may feature a Christmasy theme but it is a game you can play any time of the year. Its cartoon graphics are charming and it is satisfying to conquer the tricky stages. On the other hand, if you tend to get frustrated easily, then you might want to go for a holiday title that won't get you stumped -- Noogra Nuts: Seasons is a good place to start.

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